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Royal Range,Tenessee - Talking Guns -

On our adventures around this amazing country my husband and I had an invite from blogger and instructor “The Fuerst Option” (aka Carl Fuerst) to stop by Bellevue, Tennessee (Just outside Nashville) and visit a VERY unique shooting range.

Now what makes the Royal Range so unique is that it used to be a movie theater… that’s right. You ask how do you turn a movie theater into a range well … you have a vision.

In 2010 an old movie theater, The Regal, was damaged during a historic flood, consequently closing it down as a movie theater for good.  After a few years and a few purchase nibbles someone with a vision saw an opportunity and with the help of some investors created a 5 Star Shooting Range.

They had to rename it the Royal Range but moved on to build a 40,000 sq. ft. shooting facility that would rival any in the country. In fact the National Shooting Sports  Foundation (NSSF) gave the 5 Star rating it has today. It houses 3 ranges, 31 shooting lanes, a multi-storied force on force facility, classrooms, top notch gunsmiths and a great retail store.

The ranges include a 15 yard pistol range, a 57 yard rifle range with 50 caliber capability and a tactical range that allows for more custom training including the ability to move vehicles in for defensive and tactical training. The addition of the force on force room has opened new opportunities for this already amazing range.

While we were there we were invited to hang out with some guests from Germany eager to try out a new experience by shooting handguns, rifles and full autos (pistol and rifle). Carl is an amazing instructor and gets his point across with great skill and humor.  Carl’s background as a retired New Jersey Police Officer, former Tennessee Department of Corrections CERT member, Department of Defense Police Crisis negotiator, Juvenile Detective and Crime Prevention Environmental Officer make him an outstanding Safety and Training Instructor at the Royal Range. These folks had a great adventure but more importantly a safe one to go home and share with friends and family. It brought back a lot of memories and was a blast to watch.


Thanks to Carl, Jerry Goodman (the Range Manager) and the staff at Royal Range for making us feel welcome!

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