October 2015 - Talking Guns

Kate KruegerOctober 27, 20154min2710

Political Season Is Upon Us

Now the “all” knowing politicians of both parties and their ” learned “ journalist friends will be giving us the benefit of their “superior”  intelligence on everything from gun control, hate crimes, abortion, defense, V.A. environment and anything else you can think of. Have you ever wondered why someone would spend millions of dollars for a job that pays salary & benefits about $600,000 per year? Do you think folks are donating millions of dollars because they like the guy/gal or maybe it’s the influence they can buy?

Many years ago while working for a financial institution the officers were given bonuses with the understanding                  

that half the officers and their spouses, would give the legally maximum amount to the Democratic candidate and the other half would do the same for the GOP candidate. As it was explained to me they didn’t really care who won as long as they had a path into the oval office. I am sure the same thinking was held for the Senatorial and House candidates.

Some years ago my wife ran as a Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate the one thing I’ll never forget her saying is “they lie” if it sounds good to say: I’m a Vietnam Vet… Or an American Indian or forget to mention they were disbarred or any other lie, they can always say “I misspoke” or in laymen’s terms LIED.

Be very careful who you vote for and if given the chance ask the tough questions. If they don’t stand by their campaign statements, call them to task. Write letters, call, email, and fax but let them know when you are not happy and also when you are happy with their performance. Remember THEY WORK FOR YOU.

One other thing never let them forget they took an oath to defend this country and it’s constitution freely without coercion and you as a voter expect them to abide by that oath.

Kate KruegerOctober 23, 20158min2210

This past April one of my last posts before I went through a journey called rheumatoid arthritis (which is another story in itself) was about “What’s My Job?” and as I was reading it I realized it is more important now. More than ever there needs to be a call to action as Hilary “the Liar” Clinton struts her way to the Democratic Nomination, and the Big O continues to defy the American people by using Executive Orders, vetoing Military funding, making deals with devils like Iran, all the while our job market shrinks and our welfare numbers grow. This Administration is doing nothing to help the American people but is giving asylum to refugee’s and amnesty to illegals (that’s right I called them illegals!!) all at the cost of taxpayers.

So let’s look at this job description one more time…

When I started this blog I said that there needed to be a call to action. And I hope as I talk about the issues of the day that you are as outraged by the overreach, arrogance, corruption and general disregard for what you think as I am. If you’re not I at least hope I’ve got you thinking about it. Well let me tell what your job is.

The founding fathers set it up so that “We the People” are the Sovereign. In plain language that means that we are the boss. Now as the boss we need to manage our employee’s because any good business needs good management and we have coasted on that part for too long. The American people tend to trust that everything will be OK and the fat cats in Washington count on that. So let’s surprise them.


Let’s start with the upcoming elections. We need to vet the candidates ourselves and not count on the RNC or DNC or Congress or anyone else to do that. Now we all know or least felt that recent past elections have been off balance. There has been talk of voter fraud in Florida and Ohio although many say that’s a fabrication; Republican voter intimidation in Florida was very real with Black Panthers at the door of voting places.  And the fact that this Administrations fights with all its might to stop Voter ID laws across this country saying they are unconstitutional as if they don’t want fair elections.

And let’s not get started yet on Mayor Bill Di Blasio in NY proposing that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote. Next he’ll setup a committee to make sure the dead democrats have “one more …vote… for the road”.

But with the executive orders regarding amnesty and licenses being issued to the Dream Act kids (also an executive order) this government that has been duly voted in stomps on the Constitution every day.  But more importantly it tips the balance of power in their favor by tainting the voting pool.

So here’s our job, listen to the news (I know it’s a pain) it’s important to hear what’s going on. And don’t just listen to local news, listen to Fox, CNN and anything else you can get. If you don’t get cable listen to it on the radio. Listen to both sides because it’s just as important to hear what the opposite side believes in. It makes it easier to fight the message if we know what it is.

Listen to what these candidates have to say then do your homework. If they are already elected officials look up their voting record. They all have one… Obama was infamous for only voting “Present” so you couldn’t see what he was for or against. Pretty slick if it works…and it did.

So what do you look for? Look for the ones who believe in smaller government, flat taxation or lower taxes, constitutionally sound and believes in the “Bill of Rights” like freedom of religion and speech and the right to bear arms. And remember don’t just listen to the words follow their actions.

AND VOTE in the primaries. Did you know that the primaries can be hijacked by opposite parties? For example in 2012 the Democrats only had Obama on the ballot so they didn’t need to worry about their primary as he had no opposition. SO they went to their voters and got them to vote in the Republican primary to help chose who Obama’s opponent would be.  Shocked? Don’t be as politicians have been doing that forever and the republican voters let them.

You see traditionally Republicans don’t have a good turnout for primaries. It harks back to that “my vote doesn’t matter” or “it’s all fixed anyway” or “I’m too busy to vote”… BUT if you don’t vote in the primaries you don’t pick your candidate… the other side does. Is that who you want? The candidate that can’t win, that doesn’t believe in what you do, the one who is more moderate? …More beatable? …More Progressive? Of course not!

You’re great about voting in the general election but that’s just putting your seal of approval on the last person standing, the one the other side picked.  So let’s get ready and start being the boss. Its review time and we need to look at what our employees have been up. Do they get a promotion or do they get fired? It’s really up to you. And don’t forget the more you educate your friends and family members the more your voice and your vote count. So talk it up and I’ll chat more about what to look for, who’s on first and what your next steps are.  Let’s remember we created this Federal Government and gave them very limited powers but while we weren’t paying attention they took so much more.

It’s time to take it back.



Kate KruegerOctober 20, 20154min2450

Many years ago, when first running our gun store, there was a customer who came in carrying a 1911 type firearm in a fanny pack. Even then fanny packs were falling out of favor and were very obviously housing a firearm. We used to jokingly refer to them as “shoot me first packs”. So while discussing the pro and cons of how to carry it came out that he carried with the chamber empty. My reply was “what the hell are you talking about?” because after all the training I’d been through I couldn’t believe that folks still did that. He proceeded to tell me he was pretty quick getting the gun out of the pack and chambering a round and he believed it was another level of carrying safely. But I still couldn’t hide my disbelief and amazement that he would carry in that manner.


I’ve trained all over the country and I can deploy and shoot very quickly from a holster. So I figured I’d give this a little test and produced some dummy rounds for his gun and mine. After making sure all guns were not LIVE and double and triple checking I had him draw and chamber a round and fire. The results varied between 2.5 to 3.5 seconds. Then it was my turn and to draw from a holster using a revolver, all 6 rounds were “fired’ in the same amount of time as it took him to get off one round. It was his turn to be surprised because he honestly believed he was very quick.

I said to him “you’re dead” at least once before you even have a round in the chamber. If anything bad goes down you’re already at a disadvantage because you are the reactor. Why in the world would you want to give the THUG the final edge?… After all we are talking about your life here. With more in store “training” and some range training he finally came around and now carries cocked & locked and NOT in a fanny pack.

Kate KruegerOctober 20, 20153min2380

Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger

My wife and I have taught, co-hosted, and worked as range officers at numerous classes over the past 30 or so years. One the most recurring safety infractions are keeping the students finger off the trigger until they are ready to shoot and/or on target. We have tried to teach folks to keep their trigger finger along the side of the frame and with some students we have great success… others not so much.

Of course this is one of the most important safety lessons. We read about instances of what is commonly called an AD (accidental discharge) some resulting in severe bodily damage to the shooter and some cases resulting in death of the shooter or worse an innocent. AD’s cross all shooting levels from competition, law enforcement, hunters, gun smiths and yes… instructors.


One of the methods we have used over the years to combat this is, telling the class two or three times do  NOT anticipate the command to fire, and another two or three times to “keep your finger off the trigger until on target”.  And for many in the class that works but there are always those who need stronger instruction.

For those we generally call a cease fire and have all the students empty and holster their firearms after double checking everyone is cleared and holstered walk between them and their targets and in a very calm voice tell them “I have repeatedly told you to keep your fingers off the trigger, (now in a command voice tell them) NOW KEEP YOUR FUCKING FINGERS OFF THE TRIGGER! That seems to do the trick.


But sad to say every now and then you’ll still have to take someone off to the side and “instruct them further”.   Instruction can vary from having them take their equipment off and watching the rest of the class, up to taking their equipment off and going home for the day to “think” about the problem they are having with the instructions. Of course this depends on the length of class and the only thing that it guarantees is that you and the other students stay safe. For the most part that will solve the problem 99.9% of the time.  It seems harsh but the alternative is just not acceptable.