February 2015 - Talking Guns

Jonathan GilliamFebruary 13, 20154min2380

By Jonathan T Gilliam

Have you ever wondered how the people that are least capable to lead in an official capacity end up in leadership positions and then go on to live the lives of kings a queens?  Well, as a trained investigator, I have considered this problem. Having worked in several city level agencies and four federal level agencies, I have seen enough to realize that this is a repetitive phenomenon and that it couldn’t just be a coincidence.

In the simplest steps, this is how I believe it is broken down.  Although this is a much deeper and complicated subject, I have carved it down to 10 basic levels on the official ladder of executive success.

1. Typically creepy, awkward, narcissistic individuals will pick an agency or political office, then climb the executive ladder achieving as little operational knowledge as it takes to get promoted.

2. Once these individuals have reached the executive level, they will identify companies or individuals with agendas and lots of money. These are otherwise known as Pocket Feeders.

3. The executives will then proceed to fulfill promises to potential Pocket Feeders by answering their requests or predicting those requests and completing them without meeting anyone but with the understanding that it is what the Pocket Feeders want.  In both cases requests are fulfilled with the knowledge and hope that it will be repaid when official service is finished.

4. During this Pocket Feeder Grooming Time (PFGT) executives will purposely ignore the advice of the subject matter experts and continue to make decisions that favor the Pocket Feeders.

5. Once the executives’ official service is finished, tickets are cashed in and cards are punched so that they may become a paid Power Player.

6. Power Players set on multiple boards for $100,000 to $500,000 per board, making incompetent decisions.  This is the easiest and most common way the Power Players are paid back for scratching the back of the Pocket Feeders.

7. Next, Power Players will write a book. Pocket Feeders help get the books published while the true subject matter experts struggle to educate the public with their wisdom and knowledge.

8. Power Players go on speaking tours saying the same useless executive party lines as they did when they were on official duty and serving the Pocket Feeders.

9. Power Players are experts at skating on taxes and living like kings and queens which is mandatory behavior once they have made a lot of money.

10. Power Players, like everyone else, die with nothing, except they typically leave the world in just as bad, if not a worse, condition than what it was when they were in it…

Jonathan GilliamFebruary 10, 20153min2410

By Jonathan T Gilliam

In life there are certain inevitabilities:

Everyone will breathe.
Everyone will hunger.
Everyone will thirst.
And Everyone will die.

There will always be war.
There will always be killing.

Freedom however is God given but it is not inevitable.  Some people are born with it, some are not.

Where freedom exists it is inevitable that people rise up to preserve and protect it.

The modernized world lives under an illusion that freedom is protected by God Himself.  The truth is, God guarantees one freedom, the freedom to choose Him.  All other freedoms must be fought for by men and women who live freely, it is our duty.

Those that have never served on behalf of freedom but are propelled to speak and criticize those that protect it, are individuals that know neither the honor of sacrifice for their fellow human, nor the feeling of embracing true freedom.

Those of us that have served in the military, in law enforcement, as doctors, nurses, firemen, paramedics, etc., and for those that understand freedom comes at a price, living free is like holding hands with a child as you walk through life.  It completes you, and it motivates you to protect it at all costs.

All those that have a platform to speak let them speak, but be prepared to be knocked down off that platform if you disparage those that fight for freedom.  Public opinion has a wrath like a forest fire.

As for the Hollywood mouth pieces and the politicians in office, they should lead, fight, or get out of the way, we the people are not interested in that same old useless inflammatory banter.  To those people I say this, the terms liberal and conservative no longer matter.  Effective thinking matters now.  Our freedom depends on it